Planning Measurements The quality of our services is a fundamental element of our operation.

Our long experience, the constant training of our personnel in connection with the ongoing verification/certification of our equipment’s function, make us pioneers in the measurement, localization and solution proposal for any problem that may occur.

We perform testing and certification of Medium Voltage cables with the VLF method, cables aging testing with the PD (Partial Discharge) method, measuring of Transformers (ratio, winding resistance, excitation current, Tan Delta), thermography of equipment for “hot spots”, grounding measurement, condition testing of Circuit Breakers (on/off, vertical resistance, phase concurrency), capacitors testing, testing of secondary protective relays settings, dielectric strength of insulating oil and cleaning with DELAVAL process, dielectric strength of equipment up to 150kV AC, location and repair of fault of Medium and Low Voltage cables, location and repair of fault of Medium Voltage cables’ sheaths, recording in real time of the network’s parameters with analyzer and extraction and interpretation of the results.

Planning Services

Planning for Substations Construction

Planning for the construction of Substations of HV to MV and MV to LV

Electrical Installations Protection Systems

Planning of the electrical installations protection systems. See More

Testing, Certification of Equipment

Measurements of High, Medium and Low Voltage equipment. See More

LIghtning studies

Study for buildings lightning protection

Services of High Quality and Responsibility

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