Quality Policy


EVIAR SA is fully aware of the role of quality of its services, the safety of its staff, the infrastructure of its customers, the protection and restoration of the environment as well as the full awareness and knowledge of the serious role of its services.
Our policy is not simply to win over our clients, but also to gain their trust in our ability to meet their requirements, including safe working methods, full respect of existing facilities and the impact of our operations in environment.
The quality requirements, safety requirements and environmental impacts of each work are constantly recognized and monitored and the effort to upgrade the level of compliance and safety is continuous and uninterrupted.
The knowledge and experience of executives, the complete technical documentation and extensive business experience are our weapons to ensure the quality of our work, the safety of our staff and the infrastructure of our clients.
The policy of EVIAR SA is to continually improve compliance with the evolving requirements of its customers without compromising the reliability of the services provided to them and without wasting resources and by taking care of personnel, client and environmental management issues.

Quality & Safety Policy
The basic principles that make up the quality of studies, constructions and technical support services and the safety of the work it performs are:
– Complete planning and monitoring procedures for each project to cover quality, time and cost plans, as well as prevention and management of all potential work hazards that may result in injuries or illnesses.
– Perform work by trained, capable and experienced staff with appropriate supervision and use, where specific instructions are required.
– Work based on study requirements, applicable regulations, including safety regulations, art and technique rules and safe working methods.
– No project is delivered to the client without having undergone the required testing and commissioning process, which takes place in his presence.
– The minimum time available to respond to customer requests for services (in particular a technical support request, through a contract) and any customer complaints that may arise.
– The applicable legal and regulatory provisions and guidelines relating to staff and facility safety will, in any event, be covered by a continuous effort to eliminate all unsafe and dangerous situations that may cause an accident.
– The basic motto in our business is “SAFETY FIRST”.

To ensure the high quality and safety of our services, high quality staff are used under the continuous supervision of business executives on a long-term basis and improvements in their way of working and media are made.

The company studies and markets new state-of-the-art services and achieves new collaborations to fully exploit existing know-how without sacrificing quality and safety issues.

Environmental Policy
The company’s Environmental Policy is based on the following axes:
1. Faithful observance of national and Community environmental legislation.
2. Minimize liquid and solid waste and gaseous pollutants while maximizing reuse and recycling of materials.
3. Complete and timely briefing of authorities, stakeholders and citizens with environmental communication and cooperation with them.
4. Applying ever-increasing techniques available internationally to control and limit any form of pollution.
5. Rational use of natural resources (energy, fuel, etc.).
6. Develop realistic information and awareness programs for its staff on environmental issues with the aim of preventing and continually improving the quality of the environment.
Based on the above, the company fully assumes its responsibilities and obligations for the protection and restoration of the environment and aims at ensuring the operation and development of its operations while ensuring:
• No reportable impact on the territory of its premises or on its neighbors.
• Maximum recycling of liquid waste and avoiding contamination of soil and water by work on site.
• Minimum possible air charge in the area of operation
• No direct or indirect impact on fauna and flora.
• No practical nuisance due to noise or other cause.

The Environmental Policy covers all business activities with regard to office space, inbound storage, preparation of materials for installation, placement of scrap and packaging materials and scrap or recyclable storage.
The Environmental Policy also covers any subcontractors employed on behalf of the business, the Environmental Partners or Partners of the business and the suppliers of the business’s materials.

Stop Work Policy
In line with our commitment to ensuring safety and health, the company and its staff individually discontinue any activity that endangers the safety and health of these or any third parties involved, an activity that could cause injury or illness. Likewise, to ensure the protection of the environment, its staff and management intervene immediately and interrupt any activity that may harm the environment. In particular, we refer to activities that may be detrimental to the quality of environmental elements (air, soil, water, flora and fauna), or to the integrity of an archaeological or artistic heritage site. The Stop Work Policy is implemented without fear of any consequences. No official or subcontractor who reports, in good faith, a situation of particular risk, shall be held responsible or liable, even if such action proves to be unnecessary afterwards.

It is our daily commitment to the quality of our work, the health & safety of our employees and the third parties involved, as well as the protection of the environment.
All these elements are our priority.

This policy is available to anyone interested.

Chaidari, 08/04/2019