Investing in the specialization of its services EVIAR S.A. has a great and continuously developing range of privately owned equipment in order to monitor the proper operation of the installations, to certify the works and the equipment as well as to perform planning of electrical parameters and networks.

In the company’s equipment the following are included

  • Oil dielectric strength testing device.
  • Special device of measurement of the grounding resistance (especially for measuring operating rooms).
  • Analysis and recording device of all network parameters (MV, LV).
  • Megger 5KV – 10KV
  • Electronic device (Ducter) for Power Circuit Breakers’ pole resistance measurement.
  • Electronic digital timer for measuring the time of the protective relays, as well as the time ON, OFF of the Circuit Breakers.
  • Devices to supply variable intensity with embedded digital instruments (ammeter and timer) for monitoring the protective relays.
  • Testing device of the dielectric strength of Medium and Low Voltage equipment (0 – 75 KV).
  • Device to detect Medium and Low Voltage cable fault.
  • Cable route tracking device.
  • Device of surge voltages for detection of Medium and Low Voltage cable fault.
  • Thermographic camera.
  • SF6 gas leakage tester.
  • Measuring and recording device of network parameters [Analyzer] at real time
  • Three phase device of variable electrical parameters [V, I, F] for testing address relays.
  • VLF measurement device of the dielectric strength of Medium and Low Voltage cables (0 ± 50 KV).
  • Device 120 KV AC and 150 KV DC for the measurement of the dielectric strength of HV, MV and LV equipment (switchboards etc.).
  • Device of cables aging test with the Partial Discharge (PD) method.
  • Measuring device tand in Medium Voltage Cables and in Power Transformers.

All of our devices are calibrated at regular intervals in independent accredited laboratories in Greece (ALGOSYSTEMS, INTRACOM etc) both for the proper functioning/measurement and the safe functioning towards the user.