In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the problems of diesel engines in stanby genset due to the addition of biodiesel to diesel fuel. According to European Directive 30 / EC 2009, it is mandatory to add 7% biodiesel to diesel fuel.

The existence of biodiesel significantly contributes to the creation of fungus. Prolonged storage of biodiesel, especially during the summer months, in combination with the presence of water in the fuel tanks, creates fungus that develop and create a mud. This mud of fungus causes serious and costly engine damages (oil pump, oil filters, injectors etc.), which are not covered by the genset warranty.

According to the instructions of engine manufacturers, biodiesel fuel should be consumed within 6 months of filling the tank. If the fuel has not been consumed within 6 months of filling, it is recommended to replace it. Regular hydration of the fuel tanks and administration of additional antifungal – antibacterial enhancing fungicides to the oil tank is also suggested.

Finally, in the event that the fungus has created significant corrosion of the genset embedded tank, an external tank installation is proposed which gives quick access for regular inspection and cleaning.