Quality Policy

Since its establishment, EVIAR S.A. has claimed the quality of its services as a fundamental element of its operation. Our politic is not just to gain the assignment of projects by our customers, but to gain their trust as well, with our capability to respond to their requirements. The company is active in the sector of substations’ maintenance, in constructions and protection systems of substations and also in damages and measurements of substations.

Acknowledging the role that the quality of our services plays in the proper functioning of our customers’ facilities, we try to provide them with consistency, continuity and credibility. The executives’ background knowledge, the existing thorough technical documentation and the company’s great experience constitute our weapons in the above effort.

The key principles that compose the quality of the planning, constructions and technical support services that the Company provides are:

Complete processes of planning, testing and monitoring of every project with the aim to meet the quality, time and cost goals.

All the works are conducted by trained, competent and experienced staff with the, case by case, required supervision and with the use, where needed, of special instructions.

The works are based on the requirements of the planning, the applicable regulations and the Good Engineering Practices.

– The Projects are not delivered to the customers without having undergone the required tests and the startup procedure, which is performed in their presence.

The response time to customers’ requests for services provision, especially in emergency situations, is the strict minimum.

The applicable regulatory provisions and directives of the planning associated with the safety of personnel and installations are met in any case.

In order to ensure the high quality of the services we use the properly trained personnel under the constant supervision of the company’s executives. The personnel in question are encouraged to submit specific proposals for the improvement of the services provided by the company and the mode of implementation of the works.

Among the Company’s key objectives is to plan and recommend to the market new modern services and to achieve new partnerships in order to take full advantage of the current know-how without compromising on quality issues.

Finally, EVIAR S.A. has the politic to try for its continuous improvement so that the evolving requirements of its clients are met without endangering the reliability of the services provided to them and without wasting resources.

Management Commitment and Customer Focus 

The company’s commitment to provide direct and reliable services towards the customer is not occasional but continuous and uninterrupted.

The Company makes an ongoing effort to keep its customers satisfied with the services it provides. The Management’s commitment is valid both for each employee individually and the entire company.

The customer is the central figure in the activity of EVIAR S.A. All of the company’s activity is oriented towards the customer’s satisfaction with the provided services. It is also clear in the Company that its effectiveness and competitiveness must be long and directly linked to the satisfaction of the customer, who is treated in a manner that demonstrates full respect of his needs.

Our Company is pioneer in that matter in its field, since it is one of the first companies in Greece in its scope, which implements the systems ISO 9001-2008, 14001-2001 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System.